Mondays Collection

Digitalized Image (48x48)

“Kerman’s work brings a fresh passion for color and high energy.  My husband and I have added several of these contemporary pieces to our new home.” 

-S. Patteon, NYC Collector


“We are proud collectors of several beautiful pieces from Kerman.   His work always brings people to the gallery to delight in his motif.”

-Louis Ventura, owner Saphira & Ventura Gallery - NYC

“My décor clients are eager to see more of Kerman’s work.  His compositions curate well with other existing art. “

-KC Pearson, Decorator (Boston)


"Kerman’s art is pleasing and uplifting work.  We have a piece in our conference room which is spectacular!”

-S. Truffant, VP at Advertising Agency (San Francisco)


"When I see a Kerman I think about the broad range of emotions each piece makes me feel.  I am stimulated by the colors and the power in his detail.”  

- A. Shainberg – Art Consultant, ESQ - NYC


"We installed two forty-foot walls of original Kerman work to beautify two floors of our Nursing Home.  The thrill of the color consistently uplifts our residents in a truly holistic manner - and sends a message of joy to our residents.”  

-Jacob Liker - VP - NJ Nursing Home


"You have to walk into his art showrooms in Brooklyn where one feels the power of the art to transform an ordinary moment in time into a perfectly intense colorful spectacle for the eyes!" 

- M. Strikland, Brooklyn Industry Art Critic, BKNY

Mr. Kerman’s paintings are quite superb…….wonderful use of color with what I can only describe as a very individual and dynamic perspective.
When creativity jumps out at you, it certainly has to be acknowledged.

- Anonymous