Musings on an English Garden

Last night, under the full bright moon, I dreamt about London.

Again. In fact, it was the third time already this week.

I was there, I could smell the London air – damp and gray – taking in the fragrance of young Spring blossoms after the rain – calling to me to embrace London’s delightful wonders. With pleasure I exclaim!

Decked out in my “brilliant” purple Topshop “jumper” (aka sweater) this lovely dreamscape brought me cobblestone streets, feasting on fish & chips, snacking on crisps and an Aero Bar. Suddenly, I was sitting on the “Tube” to Convent Garden to enjoy afternoon Tea with the Royals.

I could also hear London as they cheered on their favorite “football” (aka Soccer) teams, gripping their pints of Guinness, as loud shrieks blared from every corner Pub. Then – of course – Manchester was playing.

Pardon! Did I mention the palaces and castles? The royal family- helllloooo Kate! And that sweet little Princess Charlotte.

My obsession as an Anglophile was awakened when I was an impressible child of fifteen months! The UK is not new territory for me. Growing up, my family used to visit our relatives and friends regularly, In fact, family legend recalls that my first sentence was about how much I loved the London rain. Go figure! So, while my parents were certainly surprised to hear that from my young American lips – they agreed what’s not to love about London?

Recently I had the opportunity to hop across the pond. I booked a flight and took the 7 hour journey over the Atlantic, praying for a glimpse of the northern lights. Nearly five movies later, I caught a quick look at the London eye (or at least I convinced myself I did) and suddenly we were taxiing to our gate at good ‘ol Heathrow. So after I dropped off my bags I hopped into the nearest cafe, picked up a piping hot cappuccino and a vanilla scone and took a double decker to Piccadilly Circus to begin my newest London adventure.

My journey was filled with sculptured gardens, finely trimmed roses, sweeps of pastel colors across green, green fields of grass. How I love the English Garden!

Who could resist the Tate Modern? Or a Full Cream Tea?

So it was no doubt that I was deliriously excited when itsaKerman announced we were creating a collection called English Garden! Now, back on the other side of the pond we have expanded our English Garden collection to offer the most memorable abstract images of the English Landscape as we see it.

Fabulous chatting! My mobile is ringing so I am off. Until next month – MIND THE GAP!

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