Loved it in Nantucket

Ahoy mates Within the past year alone I have been to Washington D.C., Toronto, Florida, England, Florida, England, Florida, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls. No there were no typos. Needless to say I like to travel. But today I am going to one of my FAVORITE places. Well one of my favorite places I've only read about in books. They were great books. And I am So. Beyond. Words. Excited. How do the kids say it these days? Oh ya- YAAAAAS! (Insert emoji dancing girl) I love the suburbs and nature and water yadda yadda bla bla bla but I am a city girl at heart. Central Park is my backyard. I often look at the world around me as a canvas. Each place is different. Each has a new pallette, different tones, hues. This world is one big museum. I just imagined Nantucket as BLUE. Every color blue. Deep blues. Light blues. Teals. Cobalt and pthalo. Before I even stepped off the plane I decided-If Nantucket was a painting from itsakerman it would most absolutely fall right into marina. But something kind of funny happened. Maybe it was the fact that it's not yet summer. Or my experience was not the full one. But I wasn't feeling .. Blue. Ya I saw boats. And yes we were ON the ocean. But I saw every color. I saw gray when I stepped off the plane as I gazed into a dreary sky, stone airport and the cobblestones that lines the very island. I saw greens and reds and golds in the storefronts and signs reading "Nantucket Hotel" "Nantucket Restaurant". I saw white and yellow and blue in the cleared up sky. I saw pinks, purples and orange with the setting sun. I saw black in the night. I saw a rainbow without the rain. On the itinerary we swore we would pop into a museum. See some art. Get inspired. But as time would have it.. There just wasn't enough. At first I felt like I didn't do my part, follow through with my job. And left feeling the sand in my hair plus a tinge of guilt. But as we ascended into the morning sky I looked down to see the island roads slowly shrinking. And that's when I realized - I may not have found what I was looking for but that's the awesome thing about museums. You can go 40 times and each trip see something new. Something different. Something you haven't seen before. I'm looking forward to making the trip back. And you never know- maybe next time we'll be seeing blue!

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