Artist Bio: Neil Kerman

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Neil Kerman, artist and businessman, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where he now creates his art not far from the world-famous Coney Island.


In 1972 with enhancing his creativity, Kerman earned his Master’s Degree in Education from Brooklyn College. After graduating, he went on to become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in both New York and New Jersey where he has owned and operated nursing homes for the past 45 years.  He is also an Activities Certified Consultant in which he designs, creates and implements individualized programs as therapeutic modalities in treating disabilities and illnesses while optimizing health and wellness for his residents.  Kerman enjoys using colors to create cheerfulness for the residents of his nursing homes, while at the same time, creates paintings to visually stimulate the mind.


He has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and seminars throughout the healthcare industry, and was also the recipient of a prestigious Eden Grant in the amount of $20,000 for improving the quality of life at long term health care facilities.  He was also elected Businessman of the Year for his involvement in community affairs.

Kerman gives credit to his painting abilities and love for colors to his uncle, Jack Adler, who was a long-time illustrator/colorist for DC Comics where strong colors were used to drive visual excitement for the likes of Superman and Batman. Kerman states, “My abstract art speaks a visual language unto itself that elicits emotions, feelings, moods, textures, patterns and colors to create memorable, dynamic and exuberant works of art.” He is truly honored to have been invited to exhibit his art around the world (Spain, Switzerland, England, France, Israel, Singapore, Korea, Brazil and Monaco).  He believes his greatest honor of all was his solo show at the United Nations in New York this past year titled, “Alzheimer's:  Global Initiative,” where his paintings expressed the emotions and feelings of those that suffer from this debilitating disease.  In addition, was his astounding privilege to have his works exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, France.  


Donald Woodrow, an international photographer, stated it best when he said, “When I first came to photograph Kerman’s work, I was so touched by the beauty of the colors in his paintings, that I was moved to tears.”

Artist Statement

“Sunlight radiates a spectrum of seven color energies that touch us emotionally, physically and mentally each moment of the day.  In our vast and astonishing world, we are surrounded by brilliant and beautiful colors that possess potent powers to heal. Take the time to look, feel, breathe and appreciate these magnificent hues of my work.  Color excites me, and I let my mood of the moment direct me to the color palette that most energizes me to paint. My art is meant to nourish and heal, the heart and soul.  I want people to feel an intense passion and connection with my work.  I want my art to make people feel happy.”

Artist Resume: Neil Kerman

Born: Brooklyn, NY, 1948

Lives & Works: Brooklyn, NY

Degrees:  BA, MA, LNHA, ACC


Upcoming Exhibitions

TBD – Biennale Architettura 2020, Venice

TBD – Artifact, NYC


Solo Exhibitions

February 2020-Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil December 2019-Lucien Krief Gallery, Israel November 2019- Slaviero & Guedes Art Gallery,Brazil June

2019-Hebreica Gallery, Brazil

February 2019- Metropolitan Gallery/Art Museum, Las Vegas

November 2018- Artifact, NYC

June 2018 - Saphira & Ventura Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil May 2018- Art New York, NYC

December 2017 - Spectrum Miami, Florida November 2017 - Artifact, NYC

June 2017 - Steiner Gallery, Austria

February 2017 - United Nations Solo Show, NYC

Group Exhibitions


January – Miami Beach Antique Show, Florida


May - June -SidebySide Venice Biennaie, Italy

April - Centro Cultural dos Correios, Rio de Janeiro

April - Artexpo, NYC

March - Architectural Digest Show, NYC

March - Santana Art Gallery, Spain

February - Magic Hill, Hudson, NY


December-Magic Hill, Hudson, NY

November-Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC   

November- Ateneu Madrid, Spain

October- Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

October- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC

September- The Yacht Show, Monaco

July- One Art Space, NYC

March- Art Dubai, Dubai

March- Affordable Art Fair, NYC

February- Palm Beach Art & Antique Show

January- Art Stage, Singapore

January- LA Art Show, California


December- Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris

December- Scope, Miami Beach

November- Art Artifact, NYC

October- Flags of Art at Sciacca Studio, Venice

October- Art Shopping, Paris

September- Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul

September- The Yacht Show, Monaco

September- START Art Fair, London

July- Art Pampelonne, France

June- Art Busan, South Korea

April- Art Expo, NYC

March- Architectural Digest Design Show, NYC

January- Singapore Art Week

More: Group Exhibitions


Nov. / Dec.- Miami Scope, Florida

Nov. / Dec.- Miami Spectrum, Florida

Nov. / Dec.- Barcelona Art Fair, Barcelona

October- Branding Latin America, London

October- Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

October- Crossroads Art Fair, London

September- START Art Fair, London

August- Marbella Art Fair, Spain


Galleries Representation

  • Belmont Galleries, NYC

  • Saphira & Ventura Gallery, NYC

  • Artifact, NYC

  • Magic Hill, Hudson, NY

  • OJ Art Gallery, NYC

  • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC

  • Excellence Art Gallery, Marbella

  • Marta Torres Gallery, Ibiza

  • Saphira & Ventura Gallery, Sao Paulo

  • Galeria De Arte A Hebraica, Sao Paulo

  • Artitude, Paris

  • Miquel Santana Gallery, Madrid

  • Steiner Gallery, Vienna

  • Branding Latin America, London

  • MATSART Auctioneers and Appraisers, Israel

  • Lucien Krief Gallery, Israel

  • Moriah Gallery, Israel

  • Mark Hachem Gallery, France

  • Cannes Gallery, France


Museum Exhibitions


January - Gallery Banditrazos, South Korea


November - Haegeumgang Museum / Yukyung- Art Museum, South Korea

November- Tourin Museum, Italy

March- Yeosu Art Museum- South Korea


December- Haegeumgang Museum / Yukyung Art Museum, South Korea

November- Exhibitions at Russian Museum of Contemporary Art, New Jersey


Museum Collections

December 2017- Haegeumgang Museum / Yukyung Art Museum, South Korea

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